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Hello, I'm Andrea, a 25yo trans girl from France, and I produce music since 2008. after a long break, I'm back under the name "edgenet". My music is between electro techno and classic progressive house, but I like to experiment sometimes other styles.

I'm launching this subscription thing because I think it's good to grow a strong community and I've been always close with my fans, lot of them turning into friends with time, plus it's motivating to see people enjoying your work and sharing it with the rest of the world.

By subscribing, you'll get access to exclusive content such as previews of my stuff, remix stems, discounts on future physical releases, etc. And I'll also be able to live, get paid for what I love the most, get new musical gears to enhance my work and afford my medical care.

So, I hope you'll enjoy all of the upcoming stuff and thank you for your love <3 =)

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      Hello there. Things are calm by now but have been ... Oct 4, 2015
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  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting me in a sustainable way.
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